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We're a team of educators, counselors and technologists building data driven tools that
empower school counselors and improve the modern education system for thousands of
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The school counselor central toolbox

Management Tools

  • Program Review
  • School Counseling Service Form
  • My Students
  • Graduation Tracker
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Advisory Council
  • Reports
  • Student Meeting
  • Students Notes


  • Framework Assessment
  • Mission / Vision / Values
  • Smart Goals
  • School Counselor Job Description
  • School Counseling Plan
  • Advisory Council Minutes
  • Activity & Lesson Creator

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Dr. Hardy is an experienced counselor and school counseling director who knows what a school counselor needs on the job. Schoolcounselorcentral.com leads the field in innovative, time-saving and cost-effective solutions. If you want to have a student-driven comprehensive school program that uses data to improve performance, this is the place to go.

Bob Tyra - California State University Long Beach,
School Counseling Program Co-coordinator

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